Dr. Hanna Schroeder-Czaja


Working at the firm from 2013 to 2019 and again since 2022

Dr. Hanna Schroeder-Czaja gives advice concerning planning approval procedures under energy law and issues of the administrative regulation of commerce related to the civil law, especially in the field of energy law and energy contract law. Furthermore she works in the area of public procurement law and also environmental and planning law.

Dr. Schroeder-Czaja has longstanding experiences in legal and strategic support of major projects, especially in the area of establishing power plants and power lines, and in pleading cases at the administrative courts and the courts of civil jurisdiction. In the field of energy law, she is specialized in questions around power connection and contracting. She advices energy provider and consumer about energy supply of industrial bases. A further core area is the legal and strategic support of competitive tendering procedures for public lightning.

Dr. Schroeder-Czaja is author of the "Integration Mittelosteuropas in den Elektrizitätsbinnenmarkt" (Integration of Middle Europe into the energy internal market) publish by Nomos Verlag and co-author of “Objekt- und Arealnetze“ (Object- and areal networks). She is fluent in Polish, English and Russian besides German.