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Lawfirm for environmental practice, energy projects and climate protection



We offer excellent legal and strategic advice in our specialist areas of environmental, energy and climate protection law.

We only take on projects and requests for advice and support that our lawyers can handle using the necessary personal expertise. The lawyer is a member of a team that works together for the success of a project or the resolution of a conflict. This includes working with lawyers in companies and other specialised law firms in Germany and other European countries, particularly in areas of law that we do not advise.

We identify ourselves with the concerns of our clients without losing the necessary professional distance. As an experienced team, we are in a position to develop creative, legally compliant solutions in complex constellations or political tasks, while also incorporating the expertise of other specialist areas.

Our work ethic is shaped by Christian values, with which we not only gain the trust of our clients, but also the trust and appreciation of authorities, political decision makers and our opponents. This does not diminish our advisory efforts on behalf of our clients’ interests. On the contrary, it enhances them. The transparent interaction with our opponents can result in solutions, which are otherwise unattainable.


We support you with goal-oriented advice in a team, strategic management of complex issues and with pragmatic and legally compliant solutions.


We contribute long-term experience and expertise form many different constellations and projects. This includes all questions concerning development, planning, implementation and operation of:

  • industrial and power plants

  • infrastructural facilities

  • measures for climate protection and

  • measures of nature protection, flood control and watercourse development.

Furthermore, we were involved in various legislative projects concerning network expansion and its acceleration.

Our projects of the last years:

as well as industrial plants, i.e. from the areas of energy, pulp and paper, steel, chemical, automotive and aerospace.

1.500 km +

1.000 km +

200 km +

400 +

sea- and land cables

other high

other linear

wind turbines



We are specialised in administrative law of commerce.

The Ohms team works primarily within the environmental law, energy and climate protection law as well as all adjacent areas of the civil and criminal law.

It applies especially to all areas of

  • building, planning and environmental law including corresponding specialized fields such as mining law or maritime law,

  • infrastructure law, including traffic and transportation law issues

  • energy and energy contract law, including renewable energy law,

  • climate protection law, especially regarding emission trading

as well as issues of

  • national and European state aid law and

  • law of public compensation (law of compensation and public liability).

In other areas of law, e.g. real estate law, civil commercial law or environmental criminal law, we work together with colleagues from associated law firms.


Ohms Rechtsanwälte Martin Ohms
Dr. Hanna Schroeder-Czaja
Maria Renz
Dr. Christian Schneller
Annemarie Förster


We are looking forward to receiving your application.

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